We moved the kids forward a long way in the past few days. We departed Alice Springs four days ago. We pushed hard and we are now in Townsville. The heavy road is catching up with us and my Adventure Goggles are making me see the bad things.

Dear Adventurous Reader,

Today I lost my Happy. It may have fallen from the car on the long drive heading east. It may have slipped when I was watching the view change. It may have just disappeared because the drive is long and it just the same things on different days.

We have driven four days in a row from Alice Springs. Almost each of those days ended with the thought of water:

A dam near Mt Isa, which was bone dry except the small lake the watered a heard of cattle. They came past in the morning sun to drink and then walked off into the dry surrounds once again, looking for food;

A pool in a small town of Hughendon or Prairie or Torrens Creek or Pentland. We drove east thinking of a pool in Hughendon but it was expensive. So we moved on to Prairie and then to Torrens Creek but no space around to pitch a tent. Finally we stopped at Pentland but it was too late to swim in the pool;

Townsville on the beach. There was the threat of stingers and crocodiles. We were not swimming there.

The Car is Hot

The Australian desert is hot. Our car has been getting across the open tablelands with no air conditioner and the front windows wound down. We have been using the second radiator to help any overheating issues.

The thought of water kept us going over the 2,100km of travel in four days. Windows down in the front doesn't help air flow in the back, the windows are bad in the rear of the Tarago.

We brought a bag of ice to put in drinks and to snack on to keep Jacqui and the little guys cool in the back of the car.

There were showers in Pentland, but it wasn't enough for me to keep my Happy.

On the Coast

We are on the coast. I have been looking forward to this for a while now. It has been a long haul and hopefully the next days start to look up and I can find my happy, somewhere.