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Dear Adventurous Reader...

You have stumbled upon out website, welcome. We are a large family and we have decided to spend some time on the road. Living from backpacks and going on an adventure in this big, wide world.


Experience: One of the best things about being alive, and one of the best ways to create memories. To be in the moment. To live and breathe and create feelings for where you are, right now.


To explore and absorb all that the world that has built around us. We are explorers in the world, and we have chosen to set foot outside what we knew to learn more about others and ourselves.

Travelling with 6 Children?

Having kids is great. Travelling with kids is fantastic. We do it for many reasons, most of all because it is fun.

  • Making memories. So cliche. But also so true;
  • Sharing experiences together that just are not possible at home;
  • Seeing amazing things. Seeing simple things;
  • Learning there is a whole world out there full of different ways;
  • Mind expansion for parents and our children.

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